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The Third Dimension - an introduction to WebGL and Three.js

Earlier this month I gave a talk at the London Web meetup to introduce developers to the world of WebGL and the 3D Web.

WebGL can be pretty daunting at first, for those of us without a background in OpenGL or 3D programming. So I want to help other developers know how to get started.

In a WebGL-capable browser (I recommend Chrome on the desktop), you can check out my slides here:

I start by sharing some examples, then show what raw WebGL code is like, without a library. It’s really low level and far more code than most of us will want to write! So then I introduce Three.js, a high-level 3D graphics library that makes it a lot easier. Then I share some simple code you can use to create things like spinning 3D dinosaurs and animated robots!

If you’d like to see the recording of the talk, here is the link, although please note only one corner of the slides are visible in the video, so you may wish to click through the slides yourself at the same time to follow along:

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