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Peter O'Shaughnessy

Web technologies and browser-based experiments

About me

Peter speaking at RenderConf 2018

Hi! I'm a web developer who is especially interested in web APIs and the future of the web.

I've been a developer since graduating in 2003 and mostly developing for the web since 2005. I've previously worked in a "future technologies" lab at an education company and as a tech lead at a national newspaper and two web development agencies. For over two years I was a developer advocate for Samsung Internet, Samsung's mobile web browser (which may be bigger than you think!). I'm an occasional coach at Codebar and I've provided some remote mentoring for developers early on in their careers.

My key technology interests are around how web and native app capabilities are converging (e.g. Progressive Web App technologies) and how the physical and digital worlds are converging (Physical Web, Web Bluetooth, VR, Mixed Reality...). Recently I've been spending more time reading about and contemplating the ethics of technology: how to avoid some of the problems we have seen technology contribute to recently and how to apply web technologies to help make the world a better place.

If you would like to ask me something about web development or Samsung Internet, please send me a message on Mastodon, Twitter, or send me an email.