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2020 - Looking Ahead To The Future of Web Development

What will the Web be like in 2020 (five years from now)? How will web development have changed? Last week I gave a talk at Ember London that took a high level view of current technology trends and anticipated advances, to see if we can predict some of the changes ahead.

I invite you to time travel with me, by checking out the talk below!



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Updates / Corrections

At the risk of highlighting something I got embarrassingly wrong - the bit on the number of versions of Internet Explorer was very out of date already. I added it in at the last minute, but of course, IE has already moved to an auto-update model like the other browsers. Plus, Microsoft are moving away from the Internet Explorer name altogether.

I’ll try to keep this post up to date with further corrections as and when we know more about how the predictions pan out!

Please let me know in the comments if you spot anything else!


Thanks to Jamie White and Ember London for hosting me, and to everyone who responded to my survey and passed on their ideas.

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