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Hybrid app workflow with Grunt, via XCode

These days, with web apps getting more complex, it’s getting more common to have have an automated JavaScript-based build process - including things like:

Grunt (like Ant for web apps) enables all of these and a whole lot more. It’s only been on the scene since 2012, but it seems to be exploding in popularity right now.

But how about using Grunt for a hybrid app?

I’ve been reading and talking about hybrid apps for a long time, but I’m actually just developing one for the first time now. Despite being a newbie, I thought it would be worth sharing how we’re setting it up.

NB. Despite the aim being to make the app as cross-platform portable as possible, this post is going to specifically talk about iOS (we’re only targeting one platform for the initial prototype).

The first thing I tried was - of course - PhoneGap. But I was disappointed with the standard workflow. I don’t want to have to run the PhoneGap build first, then load the resulting project in XCode, and then build and run the app from there. That makes the feedback loop for development too slow.

It might have been OK if we could have just tested the app in the web browser most of the time - if we just wanted to wrap a pure web app inside a native wrapper, or bolt on a plugin or two. But we need to develop a significant portion of this app in native code, so we need to be testing the actual native app very regularly. We don’t want to have two separate compilation steps. We need to build it and run it on an iOS device or emulator as quickly as possible.

It was about this time that we stopped looking at PhoneGap and started investigating how much work it would be to just write a UIWebView app with a simple iOS JavaScript bridge. I think we’ll probably go with the latter now, although I’m still wondering about PhoneGap (see below)…

So, what about Grunt? As I mentioned, we don’t want two separate build processes, so we need to combine the Grunt build process with the XCode build process. Thankfully we can do that quite easily with a Build Phase Run Script.

A handy StackOverflow post told me this wasn’t too crazy an idea. I soon run into a problem though: the Compass SASS compilation failed. It was just a case of fiddling with the PATH and environment variables though. I’ve written up the solution as a self-answered StackOverflow post:

So now our workflow is simply:

  1. Open up both our preferred web IDE (I use WebStorm) and XCode
  2. Edit the web code in the web IDE
  3. Do Build + Run in XCode.


It’s now a few weeks later. Unfortunately we’ve since ditched this XCode-Grunt integration! For the following reasons:

Oh well… always learning!

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